I work as Digital Marketing Manager for the Stopgap Group.

Founded in 1993, Stopgap was the UK’s first dedicated marketing recruitment agency and remains the leading independent marketing recruitment specialist to this day.

You can gain a feel for what we do over at our umbrella site, or alternatively, take a look at the relevant brand for you: – junior – mid-management marketing jobs – senior marketing jobs – HR jobs

If you’re a marketing or HR professional who’s not currently looking for a job, but don’t want to miss out on the fantastic Stopgap community, we have plenty of offerings to keep you engaged, entertained and informed.

Follow us on Twitter – Stopgap, Fitzroy or Courtenay – where we’ll provide you purely with relevant and interesting industry news, articles and blogs – no ‘recruitment spam’.

Alternatively, join the Marketing Professionals’ Network, where you’ll enjoy debate, discussion, news, articles and blogs in the UK’s most intelligent LinkedIn marketing group.

We have a top-notch Facebook page too, where you can take a look through various photos, read staff testimonials and learn more about the Stopgap Group as a place to work, as well as our fantastic new graduate recruitment scheme, GradStop.

We’ve been building the careers of the UK’s marketing professionals for over 17 years now – and with the advent of Social Media are doing even more to develop, engage and build the UK’s marketing community.


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